Experience in the cave

The experience of sleeping in the B&B of the Sassi of Materais unique and unforgettable.

The rooms are dug along the side of a massive rock that looms over the main square of the historical centre, and its tip is the rocky church of the Idris.

It’s like jumping back to the past, where the atmosphere, the rooms, the air and more gives our guests the feeling of being in a primordial era where the sands of time have stopped.

The court on its very front faces a panoramic view that you won’t find anywhere else, with a terrace that’s perfect to have discussions with the perfect surrounding unreal view that will fill the air with buzzing electricity for wonderful ideas, and replentish your soul, immersed in the silence of an ancestral nature, the peace of the senses, and a disarming charm.

Many are the places to stay in the Sassi, but the Corte dei Pastori gives a whole new meaning to the word “vacation”, “time management” and quiet moments”.

A room in stone to view Matera from a whole new perspective, and immerge one’s self in a strangely familiar-tasting past.

Travellers are seen as family, to us, and are welcomed with warmth and served with love. We spoil them from the moment they step in, to moving the bags and parking cars, all the way until the check-out.

We try and give our best and make you feel at home. Sleeping in our rooms dug through stone will be more than a one-nighter. Join us. You’ll want to come back here to be happy again, and we’ll remember.

Among the Sassi of the B&B, From the caves to the suites.