The rooms of the b & b of the Corte dei Pastori have different characteristics between space, location and beautiful views.

The Rooms of the b & b

The beautiful rooms of the B & B La Corte dei Pastori have absolute comfort.

For interiors, services and sleeping areas, we offer you an extreme cleaning, rewarded by customers with honors.

Matera, in ancient times, was one of the favorite places for hermits in the medieval period. So much so that even in the structure, there are still some Byzantine crosses inside the rooms.

In fact, they are the signs of the ancient civilizations that lived in the Sassi. For example, the Greek-Oriental Crosses testify how these monastic communities have enriched the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.

Breakfast Room

The Breakfast Room is very characteristic because it was obtained in a cave typical of the Sassi, carved into the rock. On days with a mild climate, breakfast is also served outdoors in the garden, with the wonderful view of the Sassi.

Tiziana’s Breakfast

In our bed and breakfast breakfast is rich in recipes typical of the Matera tradition. A gluten-free menu is available on request.


The charming rooms of the bed & breakfast are distributed in order to have independent access, as well as absolute privacy.

Each room, then, guarantees comfort, relaxation and serenity to its guests.

External Court

In the B & B del Caveoso breakfast is full of recipes typical of the Matera tradition.

A gluten-free menu is available on request.

The outdoor courtyard offers the possibility to have breakfast even outdoors, overlooking the splendid panorama of Sasso Caveoso and Civita.


All rooms of the bed and breakfast are equipped with private bathroom, minibar and wi-fi.

Each one, among other things, has a large and panoramic square in front of it. Photography for moments of relaxation or for those who love.

Moreover, from the b & b’s terraces you can observe the wonderful colors of the Sassi di Matera at any time of the day.

The rooms you find at the Corte dei Pastori are:

Choose the right room for you!

The cave of Cuccù

The structure’s cellar is dedicated to artistic crafts. Called the Cuccù winery for the presence of the symbolic object of the materanity and the ancient roots of this people: the whistle.

It is the typical object of the inhabitants of Matera!