Le opere di artigianato artistico dalla Magna Grecia ad oggi.

cuccù matera

The Cuccù of Matera


The traditions of craftsmanship in Matera have ancient roots. And they manifest themselves with real works of art rich in culture and mastery.

The Giordano family is one of the maternal families that inherits the art of terracotta manufacturing. Rocco Giordano, Mimmo’s father, was one of the first to believe in the artistic tradition of Matera dei Sassi.

And after him the family continues to perform works like once, made of colors and ancestral legends.

Today Tiziana, Mimmo’s wife elaborates characteristic cuccos with the most particular colors and shapes.

You can admire them in the exhibition room of the b & b located near the acceptance.

rocco giordano matera cuccù


A typical object of prehistoric origin, the whistle of Matera is probably the first sonic toy that dates back to very ancient times.

Civilizations already used it in ages before Christ, and in fact small clay whistles were found in graves of children from the Greek Great Age.

The traditional maternal whistle depicts a rooster, symbol of strength and virility. He was often exposed outside the houses as a defense against malefics.

The sound produced by the figure produces two tones, this has determined the dialectal name of “cuccù” because it recalls the song of the cuckoo.

The whistle then over time assumed an important meaning in the courtship between man and woman.

In fact, the man in conquering the beloved woman could manifest his love by giving a cuccù, if the woman refused it, he also refused the court of the man against him.

Moreover, the more the whistle was large and full of bigger friezes it had to be the love for one’s woman and the offer of material wealth that the lover wanted to give.

The whistles are roughly two different types: they can be air and water.

The air ones work by blowing inside and opening and closing with the use of the fingers, as you would do for a flute, the holes on the back of the drawn figure.

For those with water, of different shape, a small cavity is filled in it and then blowing to emit a trilling sound. Depending on the amount of liquid introduced the whistle will give off different sounds.