The town of Carlo Levi

In his book “Christ stopped at Eboli”, author Carlo Levi described the troglodyte lifestyle of the city’s inhabitants in 1943/44.

A literal life in caves, where large families of ten people live in a thirty-meter square area among their own livestock like mules, chickens, cats, dogs, and more.

The hygienic, economical and human conditions were at the limits of human survival, without even the comfort of electricity, running water or a sewage system that would have been inconceivable at the time.

The people kept on living in such dire situations for millennia until the 1970s, where after they evacuated from the caves to live in the then newly built modern districts, which truly flourished from the 90s until now.

At long last, the people of Matera were given clean a water and sewage system, electricity, and de-humidifying systems.

The current home of the bed and breakfast belongs to the Giordano family, inherited by their own ancestors.

Rocco Giordano, father of Domenico, current owner of the B&B, is a talented artisan, well known for his hand-made terracotta works, such as the cucù’s, water whistles, and vases.

To this very day, Rocco has a workshop where he and his sons keep giving life to traditional works, all enriched in a unique atmosphere thanks to the position, the outside court and the rooms that render this as one of the most fascinating and hospitable areas of Matera.